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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TSF Theme - Tha Steel Blue v2.0 apk


An amazing, one of a kind full featured theme made possible by ThaPhlash and DcoMbl.


We love TSF Shell, and we love the great new and FRESH look they have brought to Android replacement launchers. We love it so much, we were inspired to make this amazing new theme.

This theme includes..
Over 500 Icons, and amazing generic icon for all non app icons, and HD-HiTech Backgrounds.
There are more icons to come, so if you have an app that doesn't theme, please be patient!
Were sure you will love this theme, and the attention to detail we have put into it.


TSF Shell (Paid)


Select 'Menu' on phone
Select 'Themes' from menu
Select 'Tha TSF Steel'
Select 'APPLY'


View last screen shot
Pull down back panel
Pull up for overlay panel


Please check out our other matching apps!
Search for “DCOMOBILE” in the market!
We hope you enjoy!!
If you do Please Rate & Comment!


The clock in the screen shots is 'BobClockD3' (free)
If you do not have TSF Shell, this application will prompt you to it.
Pressing 'open' after downloading will only check if TSF Is installed.
There is no icon from the app-drawer.

What's in this version : (Updated : Aug 4, 2012)

Reduced file size
Themes more system apps
Themes more market apps
Made icon's bigger by 6 pixels
(Now 96px, previously 90px)
More icons-apps on the way!
Jelly Bean users will end up with a broken theme. This is due to a new encryption from Google Play upon download. The launchers must change how themes are coded before this can be fixed. Please email us for a non-encrypted copy using the Gmail account you purchased with.

Requires Android: 2.1 and up

View at: Google Play

Released By: VRocks

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